Ruby Carew, Erotica Author

Stacy’s First Time

When Stacy is thrown out by her mom, she seeks help from the only person she has ever really trusted. Ray only wants to care for and protect Stacy, but when she climbs into his bed in the middle of the night looking for comfort, they both find themselves falling prey to an overwhelming attraction neither of them can deny.

These stories were originally written as stepdad romance. With the increased censorship issues, however, I changed the relationship, but the man is still a father-figure. If you would prefer the original version, it is available here.


Here are the current books in the Stacy and Her Dad’s Best Friend series!

Stacy's First Time by Ruby CarewDisciplining Stacy by Ruby CarewStacy's Second Older Man by Ruby CarewStacy's First Menage by Ruby Carew


You can also buy the pair of stories in a collection.
(And the box set is a much better price than buying the stories individually!!!)