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Stacy and Her Dad’s Best Friend Series

Stacy's First Time by Ruby Carew Disciplining Stacy by Ruby Carew     Stacy and Her Dad's Best Friend, Collection 1 by Ruby Carew (aka Opal Carew). Includes the first two stories of the series.

Stacy's Second Older Man by Ruby Carew Stacy's First Menage by Ruby Carew     Stacy and Her Dad's Best Friend, Collection 2

When my mom threw me out, I went to my ex-stepdad, Ray, for help. That first night, when I climbed into his bed in the middle of the night looking for comfort, we both found ourselves falling prey to an overwhelming attraction neither of us could deny.


Jenna’s Best Friend’s Father Series

Jenna's Punishment - Daddy Erotic RomanceJenna's Two Masters - Daddy Menage Erotic Romance     Jenna's Best Friend's Father Series - Daddy Erotic Romance

Some secrets are worth pursuing, especially when discovering them means you might be punished!

I’ve been attracted to him for a long time, but he is totally out of bounds. He’s my best friend’s father and I know I shouldn’t be lusting after him. But now he’s offered me a summer job at his place and things are heating up between us. He has just one rule. Don’t look inside the room.

But I just can’t resist… When I look inside, everything changes.


Tempting the Boss Series

Tempting the Boss by Ruby Carew Tempting the Boss, The Arrangement by Ruby Carew     Tempting the Boss, Collection 1 by Ruby Carew (aka Opal Carew). Includes the first two stories of the series.

Tempting the Boss: Obsessed by Ruby Carew Tempting the Boss, The New Partner by Ruby Carew     

How far will I go to keep my job?

I love my job. It’s only a temp position but it’s everything I want in a job… especially my sexy hunk of a boss. I was sure that he would hire me at the end of the contract, but then … wham! … he called me into his office and fired me!

Well, I wasn’t going to give up without a fight so, in a fit of desperation—and wildly out of control hormones—I tempted him with an offer he couldn’t resist.

He was surprised, for sure, but after I suggested the special arrangement—and demonstrated the benefits—he was quite enthusiastic.

Now the question is, just how far will I go to keep my job?


All He Wants Series

cover-juliette-1-all-he-wants-for-christmas-eve-ruby-carewcover-juliette-2-all-he-wants-for-christmas-ruby-carew     cover-juliette-c1-all-he-wants-christmas-collection-boxset-ruby-carew

Some Christmas wishes do come true…

Juliette storms out on her jackass of a date when he tells her he has a surprise for her and then brings in another woman for a threesome. Now she finds herself in the hallway of his apartment building wearing barely anything at all and she can’t go out in the frigid Christmas Eve night in this tiny Christmas costume and stilettos.

When Brad sees a beautiful, sexy woman standing outside his apartment banging her head against the door, it’s not just curiosity that flashes through him. She’s wearing the shortest, sexiest Christmas outfit he’s ever seen. But the last thing he expects when she turns around is to discover it’s his friend, Juliette.

A friend he’s had a hot crush on forever.

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